The current climate and biodiversity crises call for a mobilisation of finance at scale to support nature-based solutions. Annual investments needed as estimated by the Biodiversity Finance Initiative exceed US$400 billion, but we can track only US$52 billion as of 2019. Investors are discouraged by the high levels of uncertainty and lack of data related to environmental projects.

In response, the organisations Environmental Finance, Finance for Tomorrow, Global Landscapes Forum, Mirova and IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative organised three important events in November 2019, dedicated to exploring ways of investing in natural capital. These events aimed to create common ground and understanding about natural capital investments, help build a track record for investors, and foster partnerships among stakeholders. This 2020 Outlook for Investing in Nature builds on that experience, in order to share key insights for mobilizing economic actors in building sustainable landscapes and protecting our climate, land and biodiversity. It is part of a collective, sustained effort to bring the natural-capital asset class to maturity.

Source: Green Growth Knowledge Platform