EAERE promotes a series of webinars entitled ‘EAERE Webinars on Science-Policy-Business Interface’.
The platform offered by these webinars aims to facilitate dialogue between the academic, political and corporate spheres, by gathering speakers coming from these different sectors.
Participation is open and free of charge.
This webinar series may receive financial contributions from companies and institutes.
The contents, the speakers and the sponsors of these webinars are approved by EAERE. EAERE has full responsibility and control over these three aspects – contents, speakers, sponsors. A committee comprised of three persons appointed by the Council has the mandate to approve or not approve the webinars proposals. The first committee is comprised of Anna Alberini, Simon Dietz and Phoebe Koundouri, with mandate starting on July 1st, 2022 and terminating on December 31st, 2023.
Two actors are involved in the organisation of this webinar series:
–  Local Organiser: main tasks are the fund-raising activities, technical support (zoom webinar, recording), webinar moderation, enforcement of GDPR rules:
–  EAERE: main tasks are the cashing of the financial contribution, the use of its network for the identification of speakers, communication activities aimed at spreading information on the event.
The Local Organiser and the companies/institutes that may offer financial support to the webinars will be reminded that EAERE has a Statement of Scientific Integrity. Due diligence on the sponsors has been set to make sure that EAERE accept only sponsorships complying with the Association’s aims and principles.
EAERE members can submit a proposal of EAERE Webinars on Science-Policy-Business Interface by contacting the EAERE Secretariat at eaere@eaere.it.
The webinar on “Ecological transition, energy dependency and economic growth” that took place on June 13th, 2022 is an example of the kind of activity EAERE intends to promote within this series.