The WORLD COUNCIL OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND RESOURCE ECONOMISTS ASSOCIATIONS (WCEREA) is a coordinating organization launched by EAERE, AERE and AAERE. New members (AFAERE, LAERE, and others) may join in the future.

WCEREA coordinates the joint activities of the member associations and fosters cooperation among environmental economists worldwide.

One of the main tasks of WCEREA is to coordinate the organization of the World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists (WCERE).

The President of the Board is one of its members appointed by a different association each time. The association appointing the President offers secretariat services to the WCEREA during his/her mandate.

The Presidency is handled by AERE from June 2019 until June 2023. EAERE members of the WCEREA Board during this period are Christian Gollier and Asa Lofgren. The EAERE President Phoebe Koundouri participates in the WCEREA meetings.