In the year 2019, EAERE members will vote for a President (who will join the Council as President-Elect in 2020-2021, serve as President in 2022-2023, and act as Past-President in 2024-2025), and two new members of the Council who will serve for four years beginning in 2020.

The nominations are being handled by a Nominating Committee comprised of Markku Ollikainen (chair), Valentina Bosetti and Lucas Bretschger.

If you have candidate whom you would like to see nominated, please send an e-mail to before march 31st, 2019.


The Nominating Committee would like to propose the following criteria for the two categories of nominees:

We seek an enthusiastic and inspiring candidate with demonstrated capacity for:

  • Team leadership and consensus building
  • Strategic thinking
  • Organisational development and management abilities
  • Fund raising
  • Intellectual contribution
  • The personal and other qualities required to build on previous growth and guide the Association toward a successful future

Demonstrated capacities as regards:

  • Intellectual contribution
  • Niche area(s) of potential contribution – e.g. Newsletter, finance, communication, membership development, contacts in new areas, disciplines or countries, fund raising, organisation of conference or workshops, contacts with industry, institutions, policy and politics, etc.
  • Journal development
  • Personal qualities re networking, ability to communicate, reach consensus
  • Other (EAERE “history” etc.)

The name of the four candidates for Council members and two candidates for President will be announced in early May. Their profiles will be posted in the Association’s website.

In early June EAERE members will receive detailed information about the voting mechanism.
Elections will close on July 10th.

The results of the elections will be announced in mid-July.