Every odd year, EAERE members vote for a President and two new Ordinary Members of the Council.
The winner of the elections for President serve in the Council for 6 years: as President-Elect in the first two years, as President in the next two years, and as Past-President in the last two years.
The two new Ordinary Members of the Council serve for four years.
The nominations are handled by a Nominating Committee consisting of three members appointed by the President.
The Nominating Committee proposes to the General Assembly two names of individual members in good standing for the position of President and four names of individual members in good standing for the position of elected members of the Council. Additionally, any group of at least one fourth of the members may nominate candidates who are then added to the proposals of the Nominating Committee. The candidates with the highest number of votes are elected for the respective positions.

The candidates for President are enthusiastic and inspiring candidate with demonstrated capacity for:

  • Team leadership and consensus building
  • Strategic thinking
  • Organisational development and management abilities
  • Fund raising
  • Intellectual contribution
  • The personal and other qualities required to build on previous growth and guide the Association toward a successful future

The candidates for Ordinary Council Members have demonstrated capacities as regards:

  • Intellectual contribution
  • Niche area(s) of potential contribution – e.g. Newsletter, finance, communication, membership development, contacts in new areas, disciplines or countries, fund raising, organisation of conference or workshops, contacts with industry, institutions, policy and politics, etc.
  • Journal development
  • Personal qualities re networking, ability to communicate, reach consensus
  • Other (EAERE “history” etc.)