In response to an increasing demand from EAERE members to initiate a pathway leading to a common understanding on how to make progress in diversity, equity and inclusion issues, and support initiatives aiming to eliminate impediments to create an inclusive environment in the economic profession, EAERE promotes an initiative on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) within the Association. This initiative will promote fora for discussions, informing and involving people, showcase data, mapping the main problems and identify goals with the final ambition of possibly proposing solutions.

An Executive Committee of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative (DEI) has been set up in 2023. Members of the Executive Committee will contribute to the definition of the Association’s strategy to secure progress in these topics, to build the Committee’s activity plan and explore fund-raising options. Members’ mandate will last from January 1st, 2023 until December 31st, 2028, and may be renewed.

DEI Executive Committee


Ebun Akinsete Athena Research Center, ICRE8 / UN SDSN GREECE VICE-CHAIR
Denitsa Zhivkova Angelova University College London
Lory Barile University of Warwick
Demetrio Miloslavo Bova Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change
Maria Del Pilar Lopez Uribe Universidad de los Andes
Dafna Manuela Disegni Tel Hai College
Charlotte Gerling Brandenburg University of Technology
Vijaya Gupta National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai CO-CHAIR
Pamela Giselle Katic Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich
Gunnar Kohlin Environment for Development Initiative, Gothenburg University
Vinay Kumar Central University of Jammu VICE-CHAIR
Nahid Masoudi Memorial University of Newfoundland
Massimiliano Mazzanti University of Ferrara CO-CHAIR
Ruslana Rachel Palatnik University of Haifa
Maria Laura Parisi Università di Brescia
Ana Pego NOVA University of Lisbon FUNDRAISER
Soheil Shayegh RFF-CMCC European Institute on Economics and the Environment


Online Open Discussion: Gender and its Representation in the Professional World
27 April 2023, Online

The EAERE DEI executive committee held and online interactive session on Gender so as to bring forward issues and concerns in the context of day to day working life; both on an individual and collective level. The goal of the session was to understand and find hidden causes to be addressed as well as to promote greater inclusivity and equity with respect to gender. Participants were invited to share their views and perceptions on these issues, so as to build on them in future deliberations and provide a first step towards concrete pathways which the committee is keen to develop.

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Although DEI Initiative has not been conceived to collect complaints, uncomfortable situations that our members may experience will be taken into consideration to shape our future activities within the initiative itself.