The Policy Outreach Committee (POC) of the EAERE prepared a statement on carbon pricing to be proposed for endorsement to the whole community of economists in Europe and worldwide.
It aims to convey the European perspective on carbon pricing and to draw the attention of policy-makers to its importance as a key instrument, even though not the only one, to achieve the future de-carbonization targets.

In a short but clear statement, economists underline that a price on polluting activities is a crucial and efficient way to reduce GHG emissions. Even though not the only instrument, if properly designed carbon pricing can induce large-scale emission reductions. A price on carbon prompts companies to invest in carbon-free solutions and to improve energy efficiency. It sends a powerful signal, steering economic actors towards a low-carbon future. It encourages technological innovation, large-scale infrastructure development, as well as the diffusion of carbon-efficient goods and services.

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