Shared Perspectives 2023 is a high-level policy workshop, bringing together top European policymakers and leading policy-oriented researchers.

The event will take place on Fri-Sat October 6 and 7, 2023, in Bertinoro, Italy (close to Bologna).

Highly interactive, structured discussions will allow both sides to learn from each other, providing an opportunity for policymakers to:

  • • Explain the constraints which prevent policymakers from implementing ambitious environmental policies, and outline the research agenda which would help with concrete policymaking needs;
  • • Have an evidence-based discussion with researchers on the complex interactions between various aspects of climate policy (macroeconomic, industrial, fiscal, financial, distributional, political and international);
  • • Discuss policies and instruments which can unlock politically feasible routes to the green transition.

Participation is by invitation. Presenters are asked to give short presentations of their main insights and key messages (5-10 minutes), followed by a moderated debate between all participants. The purpose is to engage with each others’ arguments, to identify areas of agreement, to form a holistic picture of the green transition, and to determine how research could help policymakers craft feasible, realistic policies.