The interuniversity research centre on Sustainability Environmental Economics and Dynamics Studies (SEEDS) opens invitations to the next annual workshop taking place on 15-17 May, 2024 at the Casa della Cultura e della Memoria located in Marzabotto (Bologna), Italy. 

15 May is reserved for PhD DAYS: 
The afternoon of the 15th is reserved for PhD presentations at the SEEDS PhD Day included in this annual conference and can provide feedback opportunities. Senior researchers are highly invited to attend the 15th to provide useful feedback to the younger community, but their presentations will occur on the 16 and 17 May.
Participants were invited to present and share their inter and multi-disciplinary research papers (even at preliminary stages) within and beyond social sciences. 

Please be aware that paper presentations are permitted only for those attending in person.

Data collected will be only used for the aims of the workshop. If you have questions please email

Call for papers available here