UKNEE has opened registration for envecon 2023 and announced the agenda.

envecon 2023 will return to The Royal Society on Friday, March 24th, for face-to-face sessions, networking, and to get together for the first time since the pandemic. Places are limited this year, so register early if you would like to join in-person.

Sessions will focus on economic valuation, climate change policy, climate change impacts, and energy. More announcements regarding the agenda and further event details will be made in the coming weeks.

While we are returning our focus to an in-person conference, we will continue to offer online attendance to existing UKNEE members and through a new Associate Membership offering.

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • UKNEE Membership & In-Person Conference – £250
  • Student Delegate – £100
  • Associate UKNEE Membership with Online Attendance – £30

More details on what is included with each ticket are available on the registration page.

We look forward to seeing you at envecon 2023 on the 24th March.