The Department of Economics of the University of Roma Tre and the Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (IAERE) are thrilled to announce the 8th edition of the IAERE School on “Natural hazards, human disasters: economics and policy of extreme events”.

The School will be held on September 23-27, 2024 at the Department of Economics of the University of Roma Tre. The School will be organized in 7 teaching modules and 2 lab sessions. A roundtable with invited speakers and open discussion will conclude the School.

The School will also offer the opportunity to students to present a research proposal. The best proposal will be awarded with a scholarship for a research-visiting period abroad.


In recent times, climate-related extreme events such as hurricanes, floods and droughts have become more frequent and call for a timely and effective responses by both central and local administrators. In fact, despite improvements in early warning systems and post-disaster recovery measures, extreme events still have devastating impacts on societies and take a huge toll in terms of casualties, material deprivation, productivity and altered power relations. The aim of the Summer School is to explore the economic analysis of risk assessment and warning systems, discuss planning and recovery strategies to mitigate, prepare for, and respond to natural hazards, and provide an in-depth inquiry into successful adaptation strategies for reducing the negative impacts of climate-related extreme events.


Stefano Clò (University of Firenze)

Robert Elliott (University of Birmingham)

Loureiro Garcia Maria Luz (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Ilan Noy (Gran Sasso Science Institute)

Mariagrazia D’Angeli (University of Roma Tre)

Elisa Palagi (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies)

TARGET Graduate students, PhD candidates, and working professionals from any university, research institute, or other organization (private companies, government agencies, NGOs) with an interest in environmental issues and ability to read and write fluently in English. Advanced undergraduates will also be considered. The minimum number of students for the activation of the program in person is 15. The maximum number is 50. Participation to School will be in person.


Elena Paglialunga (Coordinator), Mariagrazia D’Angeli, Elina De Simone, Martina Farinelli, Mara Giua, Martina Mancini, Enrico Marvasi, Francesco Salustri, Luca Spinesi.