The 10SEEDS Tour celebrates the first decade of the inter-university research centre with a series of seminars among all University partners. Sustainability Environmental Economics and Dynamics Studies (SEEDS) is an inter-university research centre. It develops research and higher education projects in the fields of ecological and environmental economics, with a special focus on the role of policy and innovation.

To celebrate this milestone, the University of Urbino Carlo Bo proposes series of lunch seminars organised by the young researchers of the Department of Economics, Society, Politics (DESP) open to PhD students and post-doc researchers from all the Universities and Research Centres around the world.


7 May 2024 “Natural Disasters” – 1PM-2PM

  • Lorenzo Ciulla (University of Florence) “Comprehensive Impact Of Hydrogeological Disasters On The Economy, Well-Being, And Business: A Provincial-Level Analysis In Italy
  • Giulia Gadani (GREGED and Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies) “The impact of storms on regional economic growth

14 May 2024 “Food and Health”- 1PM-2PM

  • Elena Benedetti (University of Bologna) “Lockdowns, economic shocks and environmental sustainability of the food basket
  • Giulia Martinelli (Gran Sasso Science Institute) “Some (don’t) Like it Hot. Persistent High Temperatures Increase Depression and Anxiety

21 May 2024 “Trade Policy”- 1PM-2PM

  • Marco Compagnoni (University of Milano Bicocca) “Extended Producer Responsibility and Trade Flows in Waste: The Case of Batteries
  • Dana Ghandour (Concordia University) “Harmonizing Environmental and Trade Policies: The Effects of Environmental Damage Heterogeneity in an Endogenous Framework

28 May 2024 “Africa and Conflicts”- 1PM-2PM

  • Mariagrazia D’Angeli (Roma Tre University) “Carbon border adjustments or climate clubs: impacts on African agricultural sectors under different cooperative scenarios
  • Else-Marie Van Den Herik (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) “Minerals on the Move: Mineral Trade and Armed Conflict in Eastern Congo

More information and links to online participation here