Jean-Philippe BARDE

Dr. Jean-Philippe Barde is the winner of the EAERE European Practitioner Achievement Award in Applying Environmental Economics 2011. EAERE has conferred this Award to Dr. Barde to highlight his substantial push for the practical implementation of environmental economics, especially through his work at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
Mr Barde’s speech delivered during the awarding ceremony at EAERE/2012.

Jean-Philippe Barde received a Phd in Economics from the Université de Paris in 1969. He joined the OECD soon afterwards and worked in the Environment Directorate there until he retired in 2006, by which time he had been the Head of National Environmental Policies and of the Integration of Economic & Environmental Policies for seven years. At the OECD he worked on the promotion of the “Polluter-pays–principle” in national and international policy. He was a committed supporter of economic instruments in environmental policy, preparing landmark reports on topics like environmental taxes, emissions trading markets, and the removal of environmentally-harmful subsidies. He promoted the use of economic assessment instruments, such as cost-benefit analysis and valuation techniques, in public policy. He defended the integration of environmental policies in sector policies – e.g. energy, transport, agriculture – and in fiscal policy. Thanks to his analytical rigour, he has contributed to the intellectual growth of several generations of young environmental economists at OECD and in national governments, thanks to his intellectual curiosity he has helped to diffuse best environmental economics practices from single countries to the experts global community. While he was working on these issues, he maintained close contact with the academic world in two ways. First, he taught at Paris University (Paris 1), at the European School of Advanced Environmental Studies (University of Pavia, Italy) and at the Institute for High Studies in Public Administration (Lausanne, Switzerland); he presently teaches Sustainable Development at the Paris Institute of Political Sciences (Sciences-Po). Second, and no less important, he systematically attracted major economists from university and research in the OECD work (e.g. David Pearce, Stephen Smith, Geoffrey Heal, Frank Convery, Alberto Majocchi). Moreover, he also worked on several scientific committees advising government bodies, such as the Commission of Economic and Environmental Accounts (French Ministry of Ecology). Finally, Jean-Philippe has written several books and articles on environmental policy and environmental economics, and is a member of the Scientific advisory board of Environmental and Resource Economics.