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Call for Proposals for New Logo Design

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11 Sep 2018
Deadline: 15 October 2018

The European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) solicits proposals for its new logo. The logo will represent the Association in all official documents and communication tools, and other uses the EAERE deems appropriate. EAERE members and non-members are invited to submit logo proposals.


The new EAERE logo may be an elaboration of the current one or a completely new logo. It will have to be simple, modern, energetic and innovative. The logo must include both the letters of the “EAERE” (alternatively, the letters can be placed next to the logo) and the full name of the Association.


The logo shall be easily recognisable and, as such, should stand out and be different from other logos. The design should be in colour, but should also be usable in black & white.


All entry materials become the exclusive property of EAERE and will not be returned. Any and all intellectual property rights in and ownership of the chosen submission will be deemed transferred, without any compensation or consideration, to the EAERE at the time of submission.


If considered necessary by EAERE, the author of the chosen logo will be required, and undertakes by virtue of his/her submission, to sign an affidavit of eligibility and transfer to the EAERE the intellectual property rights and ownership of the winning logo entry. The Association’s website will announce the chosen logo on a page devoted to the logo and the submission rules. EAERE shall have the right to adapt, edit, modify or otherwise use the chosen logo in part or in its entirety in whatever manner it deems appropriate.

How to submit your proposal

Submissions are to be sent to, with the subject line “logo submission”.

Submitters’ full name and a two-sentence bio with the submission should be included in the submission.

Multiple entries are accepted.

Any file format is okay (jpeg, png, etc.) but if a submitter’s entry is chosen, EAERE will work with the submitter to create a high-resolution version.

Logo submissions may not contain copyrighted or proprietary images. This means no clip art files or stock images. Submitters must create these elements from scratch if they are used.

All submissions are due by October 15th, 2018.

All proposals will be screened by the EAERE Council who will identify a shortlist of proposals. This will be submitted to EAERE Members through an online consultation. Its outcome will determine the chosen logo.


EAERE reserves the right to reject any or all logo submissions, and to extend or cancel or run the call for proposal again later at its discretion.

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