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European Job Market for Environmental and Resource Economists

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The European Job Market for Environmental and Resource Economists aims to offer the two sides of the market - institutions with open positions and candidates looking for a job - both a virtual and a physical place to meet and look for the best match. Candidates, universities, public and private institutions, and corporations are invited to apply to participate in the Job Market.

Candidates' profiles and information on open positions are posted in the EAERE website throughout the whole year.

Candidates participating at the 6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists (Gothenburg, Sweden - 25-29 June 2018) can mark themselves as "job market candidates". The list of job market candidates will be made available to all congress participants. giving visibility to candidates. With over 1.200 participants from all over the world, the World Congress is an invaluable resource for individuals looking for new job opportunities and for institutions with vacant positions.



EAERE member are invited to submit the candidates' form. Candidates' profiles are posted in the EAERE website free of charge. Candidates have the option of expressing interest in a given job opening by contacting institutions directly.
Please note that profiles are deleted automatically from the page 6 months after the publication. In order to keep you profile posted for more months, please sent an e-mail to


Institutions with open positions are invited to submit the institution's form. Announcements of job open positions are an exclusive benefit from EAERE membership: non-members will not be allowed to post announcements.
Institutions have the option of contacting candidates directly. 
Please note that open positions will be kept on-line until 5 days after the indicated deadline for applications. In case you would like to postpone the deadline, please send a note to Web Hosting