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The European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) is an international scientific association which aims are:

  • to contribute to the development and application of environmental and resource economics as a science in Europe; 
  • to encourage and improve communication between teachers, researchers and students in environmental and resource economics in different European countries;
  • to develop and encourage the cooperation between university level teaching institutions and research institutions in Europe. 

Founded in 1990, EAERE has approximately 1200 members in over 60 countries from Europe and beyond, from academic institutions, the public sector, and the private industry. Interests span from traditional economics, agricultural economics, forestry, and natural resource economics.

Membership is open to individuals who by their profession, training and/or function are involved in environmental and resource economics as a science, and to institutions which operate in fields connected with the aims of the Association.

Through the Association's Journals, Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE) and Review of Environmental Economics and Policy (REEP), the Annual Conference, the annual Summer and Winter Schools, the biannual Newsletter, and affiliation with our sister association in North America (AERE), EAERE provides many fora for exchanging ideas relevant to the allocation and management of natural and environmental resources. 

EAERE activities started with the First Annual Conference held at the University of Venice, Italy in April 1990. More than two hundred scholars from Europe and North-America took part in this event. Following the success of the meeting and the enthusiasm of the participants, the organizers decided to take formal steps to establish an association.

During the Second Annual Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1991 candidates for the Presidency and the Council were announced. After an election by the Association members, the first Council took office in January 1992.

In May 1992, the legal seat of EAERE was established in Siegen, Germany. 

In May 2006, the legal seat of EAERE was transferred to Venice, Italy, and the Association and its Statutes are governed by Italian law. Web Hosting